I have been working with people and their deepest needs, desires and secrets all my life. It is my experience that the stories we are priviledged to tell with our lives are sacred. They are part of the fabric of a Much Larger Story that is God/dess. All of the story, both individually and collectively, is valuable if we look at it right. It is my calling to assist in the proces of discovery of a more meaningful perspective and life experience.

The contemplative, spiritual and introspective aspects of life are devalued in our culture. The work that we do together allows you to reclaim and prioritize these elements. In embracing these reflective facets we change ourselves and our world. We live in a difficult and beautiful universe which honors us by making us human. This priviledge grants us the power to co-create Life with God/dess. Our personal and collective dance with destiny is paradoxical, sweet and mysterious.

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It is my hope that this site will give you an introduction to me and my practice. You will find descriptions of the services I offer, upcoming workshops and resources. Please call me if you have questions. I look forward to sharing in your journey.

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